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New Developments in Santa Barbara

Two new building projects in the Santa Barbara area have caught our eye. Although very different in terms of style and purpose, they both represent positive growth and expansion for our city and county. The first, Entrada De Santa Barbara, is one of the largest developments in the City of Santa Barbara for almost two decades. It spans three separate sites, over 247,000 sq.ft., and includes the renovation of the historic California Hotel, originally built in 1924. Located just 1.5 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the development consists of a 123-room luxury hotel, 22,000 feet of commercial space, a large parking garage, and a grand public plaza. The development recently opened in September 2017, and has been praised for its steps towards fully connecting lower State Street and the Wharf Waterfront area to Downtown.

Secondly, a new housing community known as, “Tree Farm,” has been turning heads to the northern edge of Santa Barbara. It consists of four distinct neighborhoods, ranging from under 2,000 sq.ft. townhomes, the Mela Collection, to 3,900+ sq.ft. estate-style homes, or the Amarena Collection. In addition, the Pera Collection consists of 43 courtyard-oriented single-family homes, while the Limone Collection consists of 18, larger, luxury single-family homes. The 26-acre “legacy setting is flanked by abundant oak trees, a winding creek and the beautiful Santa Ynez Mountains. Amenities include walking and biking trails, community park, swimming pool and spa, fitness facility, clubhouse and more!

Contact Spann & Associates for more information on upcoming housing in the Santa Barbara area!

*Thank you to CalAtlantic Homes and for graphics and information*

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